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Swinging Solo!

Recently, Brenna and I have decided to make Las Vegas our new home! We have, as many of you know, been traveling for the past 10 months mostly throughout Florida. We made the decision based on a number of factors, not the least of which is lifestyle based. Yes, we love the local scene, the energy and the sexiness Vegas embodies along with the potential for us to host amazing lifestyle events. Not too mention enjoying all of the opportunities living in Sin City affords ethically non-monogamous folks such as ourselves.

Along with a change in geography, we have also decided to open ourselves up a bit: It is really me that is opening up by utilizing independent dating profiles as well as our couples' bio. It is no secret that Brenna and I are a real hotwife couple, we enjoy all of the aspects that the hotwife space has to offer us. Therfore it has become our primary method of play. That said, I have decided to step out on my own and venture into the "Lifestyle Dating" pool myself, creating a profile that while clearly identifies me as being coupled also alerts any would be interested parties of my playing separately as well. I have of course set my profile to the Las Vegas area as that is where we will be permanently in the coming weeks, I really wanted to get a sense of what the landscape looked like for someone such as myself attempting to dip a toe into the single guy pool!

I utilized all of the key components that we suggest to anyone that reaches out to us for dating profile advice: Varying types of images, complete and well constructed sentences and clear interests as well as boundaries. In fact some might say that my bio is to too precise, potentially bordering on the emphatic! I make it clear what it is that does and does not work for me, my interests along with my personal relationship requirements. I absolutely lay out my hard stops in addition to what it is that I find works best for that initial meet and greet type scenario. I took the time and made the effort to do so for a number of reasons, the largest of which is to prevent from wasting anyone's time, including my own.

My reason for mentioning our upcoming move to Vegas is to showcase the differences I have personally experienced in having profiles in various regions of the country. There are certainly variances in communication. I have really been struggling with the idea of interacting with couples in general due largely to a number of less than stellar experiences, listeners of our show will know to what I am referring! My jumping back into the potential couple pool was honestly to determine if there would be a difference in how I was received as well as how I may be treated by couples that in my opinion have the capacity to be more seasoned and emotionally elevated due to living in a larger metro area. And as it turns out, I may be on to something...

Having only been experimenting for the past 30 days or so I have already seen a large improvement as it pertains to digital conversation and a tremendous leap forward in terms of basic courtesy and manners. I have always believed that real swingers are couples and individuals who should posses a higher emotional, sexual and social IQ than the general population. After all, the sphere of ENM is one based on peoples ability to pivot from the norms of societal thought revolving around relationships and sexuality, not an easy concept to grasp for anyone whose mind is closed of to independent thought or an inability to see through different lenses.

I am currently optimistic, and I have been feeling more positive about opening myself up to new interactions with potential play partners or at the very least coupled friends. By welcoming the chance to engage in what is soon to be our new home, I feel strongly that my relationship with my partner will only continue to benefit. We are, after all,

a couple that thrives on compersion. It is no secret that negotiating the waters of real swinging as a single guy is a complicated space but I am growing more confident that my efforts will pay off for me as well as Brenna if I just stay the course!

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Cholocate Pimenta
Cholocate Pimenta
15 août 2023

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