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Top Swingers Podcasts, Blogs and More!

Thanks to the Sex Blog Top List, you can find hundreds of the best sex blogs, podcasts, Youtube channels and more! It's the perfect place to  brush up on your sex education, learn about the swinging lifestyle, and discover new personalities (like us, Brenna and Brian of Front Porch Swingers) all in one place!

One of our favorite portions of the website has been the Sexy Lifestyle blogs. We've started reading almost all of the recommendations from Sex Blog Top List, and we have thoroughly enjoyed most of them. We especially loved Sex, Life and Everything, a very witty and real blog about what sex is REALLY like.

If you want to check out this amazing lifestyle resource for yourself, head on over to today! Side note: You'll notice which two slutty swinger podcasters are at the very top of the Swingers Podcast list....Pretty bad ass!

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