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Who's Joining Us in Sin City?

We knew that Erotica in Las Vegas was going to be awesome, but for us, it just became HUGE! We are so excited to be hosting two different workshops while in Sin City: One on how to navigate the hotwife lifestyle, and one on handling jealousy. If we're being honest, we're a tiny bit nervous, if for no other reason than we want to do a really great job for the people attending. But we're psyched for this challenge and can't wait to share our passion and knowledge with others!

If you don't yet know what Erotica entails, it's one of the largest lifestyle parties of the year, a four day event taking place during AVN Week in Las Vegas! During the day, you can immerse yourself in lifestyle knowledge via workshops and panels. At night, the sexiness will be pouring over during themed parties full of lifestyle lovelies. AND, ASN Lifestyle Magazine is hosting the first ever Lifestyle Awards on Friday, January 24th, where some of the most prestigious lifestyle-related toys, events, and resources will be crowned the best of the best! Brian and I were thrilled to find out we had been nominated for Sexiest Lifestyle Resource!

In other words, Erotica is going to be incredibly bad ass, and you will absolutely want to be there! It's the perfect time to hit up Vegas: Spend some time parusing the porn booths and toys at AVN, pop in for some informational sessions at Erotica, and party all night long with some of the sexiest folks in the country! If you want to join us at Erotica, tickets can be purchased via this link:

Also, we would love you to consider voting for us in the ASN Awards for Sexiest Lifestyle Resource! Plus, have your voice heard in other categories, like Best Sex Toy for Couples and Sexiest Profile Photo. Voting can be done here:

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