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4 Big Lessons We've Learned from Bulls' Online Profiles

As a hotwife couple, we've read A LOT of single guy profiles. A select few are fantastic, while the vast majority or either generic or downright misogynistic. Today, we'll share the lessons we've learned looking through the plethora of bull profiles on the swingers dating sites, in the hopes that you can spot the red flags and legit guys for yourself!

Tip #1: Look No Further Than the Username

Oh, the usernames we've seen! Some are eloquently crafted and funny as hell. Others, well, let's just say, they tell us A LOT about the guy behind the username. For example, "BigCock4U" is likely not going to get a message back from us, even if their initial message is top notch. Same goes for "10inBull", "BiggerThanUrHubby", and the oh-so original "ILovePussy." All of these horrible names tell us that the guy is very likely not a good fit for us: He's lacking creativity, he's potentially disrespectful, and he doesn't take our dynamic seriously. I also personally hate knicknames that are all about the guy. I mean, at least, "Icanmakeuscream" is about my pleasure!

Still, for us personally, we want to see an insightful and creative username. For you bulls reading, that means create a username that speaks to who you are. In the BDSM world, for example, some of my favorite usernames on Fetlife are ones that speak to a unique element of that person's play. For instance, a guy who loves rope play could have a username like "EndofYourRope." It's cute, not perverted, and tells me the guy probably put a little thought into his username.

Tip #2: We DO Read Bios....

Contrary to popular belief, some of us (Brian and myself included) ACTUALLY read peoples' bios on the swingers sites. And if we're taking the time to do so, we don't appreciate running into a bio that proves the prospective bull doesn't give a fuck. If a bio is a sentence or two, it tells us he doesn't care enough to put real thought into this, which is exactly what he will do if clothes were to come off during a hotwife encounter. Therefore, he will NEVER find out what it's like to be with me, because we won't give him the time of day. In other words, gentlemen, write your bios! And couples, demand the same from the single men reaching out to you!

Another major no-no on bios? Being generic as hell! If I had a dollar for every time I read something like, "I'm a gentleman outside of the bedroom....not so much inside the bedroom," Brian and I could retire right now and bang all day every day. Another one I hate? "I'm looking to explore with a couple." No shit, Sherlock. Tell me something unique, something that makes you stand out from the other 20 guys that have reached out this week. A bio is a perfect place to tell us about your personal experiences. For example, an experienced bull with good references could say so: "I've had the fortune of meeting and playing with several hotwife couples, many of whom have become lifelong friends. As a result of these relationships, I've learned an immense amount about how to properly communicate with hotwives and their husbands." THAT would get my attention.

Tip #3: Trust Me, You are Probably Too Proud of Your Cock

My absolute biggest pet-peeve about reading through single guy profiles is the pics. Specifically, I want to rip my fucking hair out when I see 37 dick pics....and nothing else. One or two solid cock pics would suffice, and they are ONLY appropriate if they are accompanied by face pics, body pics, and pics of their interests. Some men are far too proud of their own cocks, and I can assure you, even as someone who loves a good cock, I don't need to see it next to a can, hard, soft, wrapped in a bow, inside 12 pussies, and on and on and on.

As a couple, we speak from experience when we say, MANY, MANY cock pics should be seen as a red flag. Typically these guys are showing you their inexperience by doing this, as REAL bulls know the value of showing couples other facets of themselves. In addition, it shows a certain level of disrespect: To me, a guy who shows me nothing but his cock is assuming I am ONLY interested in a sexual connection, which could not be further from the truth. RUN, far and fast!

Tip #4: Get Really Good at Spotting Cheaters

Unfortunately for all parties, there are an absurd number of men claiming to be single guys when they are in fact married or attached men looking to cheat with hotwives. If you are not morally against cheating, this might not be a concern for you. For us, and for many hotwife couples, playing with cheaters is off the menu. Therefore, we've had to get VERY good at spotting a cheating man on the swingers sites. The biggest red flag is a lack of face pics. As a single guy, even with a high profile profession, there should be no reason to not put face pics on their profiles. If discretion is important for some reason, they should at least be willing to open a private album or Backstage Pass to couples in order to show their faces. If they are unwilling to do any of these things, they're probably married.

Another red flag to watch for: Cryptic messages. For instance, during our initial conversations with a "single guy," we are immediately on high alert when we hear things like, "I don't usually meet people in public, because of my job," or "Discretion is so important to me, because I'm an incredibly private person." Single guys don't say things like that. Trust us!

Hopefully this helps both hotwife couples and prospective bulls create swinger profiles and initial messages that create success on all ends! If you have further questions or would like to employ our services to help you become the best hotwife/swinger/bull/kinky person possible, head on over to

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