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Our Very First Hotwife Experience: Part 2

I nervously led my gentleman caller into our bedroom by his hand. It was blatantly obvious that he was equally as nervous as I: His hands were clammy, and the look on his face was a mix of excitement and apprehension. He had never done anything like this. And neither had I. We were hotwife encounter virgins, two people who wanted to live out a sexy fantasy but were afraid of what might happen if they followed through with it.

As we entered the bedroom, I started to really look at this man. He was tall, at least 6 feet 3 inches tall, just as I like it. His muscles rippled under his soft skin, especially as he removed his green plaid shirt. His face was kind and handsome, and his blue eyes sparkled with a hint of eroticism as I ran my hands up his arms to touch his cheeks. I leaned in slowly to kiss his lips, and he reciprocated with a little growl in his throat. The moment I heard that sound, the sound of carnal need, I felt myself get wet.

We kissed by the edge of the platform bed, with the intensity of passion quickly increasing with each flick of the tongue. It felt amazing, for so many reasons. Not only was I incredibly turned on by this hot man, but I also became aware of my man’s gaze from the doorway. Brian had told me he would only listen to the encounter from the next room over, but I looked over to see him peering into the room with a look of unblushing desire on his face. I knew in that moment, despite never having seen me with another man, Brian was cheering me on to continue with the handsome Adonis.

I asked “Cooper,” our new friend, if I could move to the next step. He very quickly responded, “Yes, please do that.” His pants were already off, and I grabbed his boxer-briefs, one hand on each side, to slowly pull them down. I revealed what I can only describe as a very impressive cock: It was one of the thickest I had ever personally witnessed, and the girth was matched by a good 10 inches of length. My apprehension at taking such a large cock was quickly replaced by sheer excitement! I kneeled down to slowly wrap my lips around his cock, realizing quickly that my usual cock-sucking abilities would need to evolve to accommodate his thickness. I opened my throat to push him further and further into my eager mouth, and he growled in approval of my skills.

Within 3 or 4 minutes, it was obvious that I needed to stop, as Coopers legs began to shake. He put a hand on my head to let me know if I didn’t stop now, we would reach the point of no return. So I pulled his wonderful cock from my mouth and smiled over at Brian, who smiled back with a silent endorsement. The first time he had ever seen another cock in my mouth, and once again, it was blatantly obvious that Brian was loving every minute of this.

Now, it was my turn. Cooper kissed me again briefly before laying me down on the bed. He bent my knees and kneeled between my legs to start providing me with some delicious oral pleasure. He began slowly, almost agonizingly so. I so badly wanted to shout at him, “Suck my clit, don’t just lick!” However, seeing as this was my first hotwife encounter, I felt myself being much more reserved than normal. Instead, I laid back and allowed him to tease me, licking my lips before ever so lightly licking my clit. I let out little moans of approval, letting him know he had found my sweet spot. After several minutes, I felt my breathing quicken, and I knew I was close. And just like that, he stopped. I looked at Brian and gave him a message without saying a word: “What the hell? I wanted him to make me cum!” Brian knew exactly what I was saying, and just smiled at me as if to say, “It’s ok, just go with it.”

I knew from the look on Cooper’s face that he was dying to fuck me. He looked hungry, as if devouring me was the only thing that would satiate him in that moment, nothing less. He reached down to the side of the platform bed and grabbed a condom. He slid the rubber over his long and beautiful cock. I asked him how he wanted to take me, and his hurried response was, “Bend over please, I need to look at that gorgeous ass while I fuck you.” These words have been seared into my memory since that day, especially knowing that Brian heard another man telling me he loved my ass and wanted it on display as he used my pussy.

I bent over, facing the head of the bed, and could see Brian in full view. He was now sitting in our vintage blue chair, half in the room and half out. His eyes were glued to me as Cooper put a guiding hand on my lower back and slowly stretched me with his large cock. I stared at Brian the entire time, especially as he began rubbing his own cock over his jeans. Cooper continued to pump into me, picking up the pace with each thrust. Before long, he was burying himself into me, moaning and growling. I started to feel my legs shake, knowing that an orgasm was imminent. I thought to myself in that moment, “If I cum, that’s that. I have truly allowed another man to fuck me AND make me orgasm.” I looked to Brian and mouthed, “Can I cum?” Brian instantly provided an enthusiastic head nod, with the vigor of a man totally enthralled in something he found incredibly erotic. I then let go, allowing myself to feel every ounce of pleasure. Within seconds, my body was taken over by an intense orgasm, my muscles tensing and untensing around Cooper’s cock. My orgasm lasted for what felt like an eternity and was so intense that I lost my balance and almost fell off the platform bed.

Within seconds of my rolling orgasm, Cooper lost himself as well, cumming hard and pushing himself as deep into me as he possibly could. He rested his weight on me, having depleted his energy during the fuck fest. He finished, then slowly pulled himself out of me. I truly believe that Cooper got dressed and left in a hurry because he could sense the hunger Brian and I felt for each other in that moment: All I could think about as he put his pants, shirt and boots back on was how much I needed Brian to reclaim what is his. I gave Cooper a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, Brian shook his hand and walked him to the door. As the door closed behind Cooper, I followed Brian into the hallway by the front door and immediately got on my knees to take his cock in my mouth. What transpired after was hours of rough, needy sex, followed by soft and sensual love making.

This was our first ever hotwife experience, the consensually nonmonogamous experience that changed the entire trajectory of our relationship. We realized through this incredibly hot and erotic encounter that we were meant for swinging. We have since had many wonderful, sexy, adventurous times together and with others, but this one was special: It showed us that we love and trust each other on a level neither of us knew was possible before we met each other. It brought us closer together, united us as a team ready to take on anything as long as we have each other. And if you ask me, that’s a beautiful thing.

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